TV Maailma (issue 24.4 -1.5)

TV listings magazine either sold separately or as an
insert for several weekly journals)

British journalist David Mawby has produced a six-part series for YLE, the purpose of which is to uncover lesser known places from London’s unbelievable diversity. Instead of the traditional postcard scenes, Mawby takes his camera crew for a stroll on, for instance, to the parkland expanses of Hampstead Heath or to Highgate Gardens(sic) to the upper class countryside village area of Highgate. Mawby is familiar with other locations such as London’s most romantic cemetery and nearby woodlands not forgetting a disused railway station.

It is amusing and inspiring to listen to a man who really knows a lot about his home city. You could listen to Dave for longer at the chosen sites. As is the case with many travel documentaries, we are taken to too many places in half an hour. As a presenter he is not the most fluent. He aims at a self-ironic and personal style but he is a little stiff and slightly ill at ease.

– Manu Haapalainen