Iltalehti 23.4.09

Iltalehti tv j├Ątt TV supplement 23.4.09 (second largest daily tabloid)

Find Secret London

One might think that London was a well trodden destination but in this new programme we are introduced to this classic metropolis from a new perspective. The theme of the series is sixties London, which can still be found from the pulse of this business city. Our guide is TV journalist David Mawby, who transports the viewer, for instance, to the roots of beat music, to the best pub and to the birthplace of the BBC. Mawby often surprises himself at certain times during the series when he discovers something odd in his home town. In addition to this excellent presenter, the series introduces other inspiring Londoners with the most unusual pastimes. One is dedicated to steam engines, another to restoring old Rolls Royce cars.